Idiopathic Anaphylaxis

  & Mast Cell Diseases


Idiopathic Anaphylaxis is a rare condition where the immune system, in its various parts, overreacts to normal things: inhaled, eaten, touched- anything.  

This response is a medical emergency - see "Anaphylaxis" page.

The affected person often also has daily symptoms



 It is known to be caused by certain autoimmune conditions, hereditory angioedaema, for example, but in 50% of cases, no cause is found.

For our detailed knowldge of how mast cells open



Mast cell diseases can include:

Mastocytosis:  extra mast cells.  Mastocytosis can involve skin (cutaneuous) or anywere else in the body (systemic).

Monoclonal Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:  some extra mast cells, but not enough to be mastocytosis

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:  The person's natural mast cells

all trigger easily to many factors  


Here in the UK, monoclonal mast cell activation and mast cell activation disorder diagnoses is new.  Many patients are diagnosed with, "We've checked for everything we dont know why" (Idiopathic), swelling (angiodeama), and urticaria (hives, welts); For details -


Mast cell conditions can also be single system (organ), bladder-intersitial cystitis, or bowel-mastocytic enterocolitis


Testing and other possible causes of symptoms under "Tab - Tests" (under mast cell conditions




Mast cells live in your skin, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, lungs, throat, oesophegus (food tube), stomach, bowel to bottom, bladder, womb, prostate, bone marrow, blood vessels, heart, nervous system and brain linings. The contents work by spilling there, causing symptoms and traveling in the blood and activating the nervous system to cause symptoms all over the body ).




The contents released from mast cells - histamine, prostoglandins, heparin, serotonin, leukotrines and tryptase (+50 others), elicit symptoms, from itching to full anaphylaxis .



This also leads to daily symptoms; for treatments, see "Medications."



Medical staff, please use all pages in the "Medical Staff" pages.




This site is to support those diagnosed with or experiencing the symptoms of any mast cell condition. It contains information on conditions, investigations and on living with a mast cell condition.

The pages have a huge amount of information. Click on menu tabs; arrows open up subpages.  



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Idiopathic Anaphylaxis


Mast   Cell







Definition of Mast cell conditions, diagnoses you may either have or are being worked up for and terms related to mast cells

you may have heard.

Mast cells' impact on each organ will be coming soon!

Stomach -see mast cell conditions

Bladder -See symptoms Interstital cystitis

Bowel -

Nervous system  -

Brain and emotions -

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Important safety information

In anaphylaxis follow ----/\

Medical staff follow



No CT Contrast at all

MRI contrast - only on premedication protocol



Opiates - No

Beta blockers -drugs ending in OL

Ace inhibitors -ending in pril

Full list follow link

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Mast cell for beginners - Links at the top of each page and/or download this .

For beginners I recommend you look at symptoms first -Then the contents that come out of mast cells - (click on about mast cells it in there )


Everyone finds understanding mast cell a challenge

Simply - In mast cell,

Mast cells live all over the body

The extra or normal mast cells open easily with triggers;

This spills all or some of the contents.

The contents cause symptoms;

The meds stop the symptoms:

Avoiding triggers helps stop mast cells from opening.


You can add depth to your knowldge -with looking at about mast cells , conditions  and tests  .


To aid your managemnt of a known or highly suspected mast cell disease - Read triggers and medications .


For safety read anaphylaxis ,  NO drugs and premedication protocol


Your doctor may need guidance as these conditions are rare .The medical staff tab has lots of info for them .


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Mast cell conditions intersitial cystitis

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